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Advanced Architectural Research 5.0

Research reports from Luis Ramos Castro, Pablo Ros, and Marcos Zotes. Interviews with Mark Collins and Toru Hasegawa and Pier Schneider. Notes on a meeting with Teddy Cruz.

Advanced Architectural Research 2010–2011

Mabel Wilson

What is Architectural Research? Responses from the Field
Irene Cheng

Tobias Armborst, Janette Kim, Brendan Moran, Jenny Sabin, Jason Vollen, Srdjan Weiss, Adam Yarinsky.

Low-Energy Tectconics and Design Ecologies
Marcos Garcia-Rojo

Camps as Cities
Shaikha Al-Mubaraki

Ruins and Monuments
Nicolas Stutzin

Infrastructural Voids in Congested Cities [New York]
Joaquin Mosquera

Multi-Performance Structural Morphologies
Marina Cisneros

Methodology in Evolutionary Computation
Jesse Coors Blankenship

May 2011