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ARPA Final Review
Monday, May 5, 2014 @ 12-2pm
Avery Hall 300

"Drawing to Find Out"
Diana Cristóbal and María Esnaola

This study is based on the concern that there currently is a lack of academic conversation about recent projects in our field. This problem, for us, is the consequence of architecture not being properly represented. Does the lack of new modes of representation in architecture imply that there are not new concepts? Or instead, could we argue that new concepts are “lost” because they have not been represented? We believe that the impossibility for a discussion within the field is in fact a consequence of a present lack of conceptual drawings.

Architectural concepts can only be discussed if they are drawn. In the last decade, a shift has taken place, where the representation of concepts is been replaced by the representation of an “image” of the building: the “mimetic rendering.” This new technology-enabled representation appeared as a translation tool between the architect and the client—an easy way to visualize architecture. The pressure of the markets has reinforced the hyperrealist visualization of architecture as a tool of persuasion. Hence, architecture has been reduced to a descriptive image.

We aim to discover the hidden concepts by recovering conceptual drawings in architecture.

Application Results for 2014-5
Results will be send to individual applicants as soon as possible, most likely by the end of the week of April 21st.